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AsicBoost Activated in Bitmain’s New Bitcoin Miner

by | Oct 22, 2018

Bitmain, the giants of Bitcoin mining hardware, have officially released a software update to it’s Antminer s9 range, allowing its users to mine Bitcoin in a more efficient manner.

Their newly released firmware update will engage “overt AsicBoost” bringing a significant speed boost to its mining devices.

Bitmain claims that this step will increase Bitcoin network’s hash rate while at the same time minimising the energy footprint of the mining process.

The move is not without controversy, however, as in the past many core developers in the Bitcoin community have claimed that mining devices using the AsicBoost function essentially exploit a flaw in the networks proof-of-work algo, allowing an unfair 20% increase of efficiency – something which they argue could harm the network as a whole.

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